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Contact us to locate your needs. We will make available through our factory and network of supplies to find the products you demand.

If you have custom requirements, you can also submit them through the form below.

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How to Get Wholesale Products?
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Get a Quotation
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What Wholesale Price Can Enjoy?
Hardware wholesale
Order Discount
Order $500+ 5%OFF
Order $200+ 7%OFF
Order $800+ 10%OFF
Order $2000+ 15%OFF
Order $5000+ 20%OFF
Electric wholesale
Order Discount
Order $500+ 5%OFF
Order $200+ 10%OFF
Order $800+ 15%OFF
Order $2000+ 25%OFF
Order $5000+ 35%OFF
What are the wholesale benefits?

Quick replenishment

For bulk quantity order we will replenish it within 7-14 days.

Low Price

Save costs for your project.

Stable Delivery

Upgrade to UPS express freely.

Customized Product

If your quantity is sufficient, we can contact the manufacturer to customize it for you.

Wholesale program FAQ
1.How can I enjoy the Bulk price on my order?
You can send us a PO or inquiry. We will send you a quotation within 1 weekday. Then you can make a purchase on the website (Discount will be applied automatically).
2.Is there a special cooperation price for distributors?
No, but the discount support mixed products. You can purchase different products to qualify for the discount.
3.How can I get the W9 or W8?
We are a company based in Hong Kong, China. Contact us, W8-ben-e will be provided to you.
4.Can I cancel my Wholesale Program order?
According to the specific order situation, we provide different solutions. If your wholesale order is not finished production, we will cancel the order and issue a full refund. If your wholesale order has been produced and is being processed, 30% of the order amount will be used as a deposit and will not be refunded. Any questions about order cancelation, please contact us.
5.Do we accept wholesale orders for 30-day unconditional return?
No, we recommend that you purchase a sample order confirmation first when purchasing a wholesale order to avoid unnecessary losses. The wholesale orders do not accept refunds without reason, but we provide warranty services for the corresponding products. In case of damage, defect, transportation is our responsibility, we will provide the return and refund service.
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