Payment Method

Use any payment method on the growing list of ways to fund a PayPal account in your country. Once you have funded your PayPal account, you can use our single-click PayPal express feature to speed through checkout.

When you select PayPal to complete your order payment, the payee name would display ChuangZheng E-Commerce Ltd. This is the operating company that owns and operates Harfington. 

We also accept credit card payment methods(All types of credit cards available see the graph below) through Oceanpayment. If any payment issues happen, feel free to contact our customer service.



For orders with extra large amount, we support payoneer transfer payment, contact us for payment method.


Payment Security

Harfington is committed to maintaining the highest levels of security and protection against fraud. We stay up-to-date with the latest in security technologies to ensure that your credit card information, contact information and shipping/billing information are confidential and safe.

Order Verification

Orders may be subject to payment verification. If your order is placed on hold, we will reach out to you right away to ensure that the delays are minimal.


When possible, Harfington will try processing your payment in your local currency. There are however some limitations and special cases in which we will have to charge your card in USD. In those cases, the conversion is handled by your financial institution.

Payment Failed

About security verification code: The Security Code you entered may be incorrect, or this credit card may not be accepted. Please call the 800 number on the back of the card to have your credit card bank accept the payment and try again.

Regarding restrictions: It appears that you have exceeded your credit card daily limit. Please use another credit card or contact the credit card company directly.

About the card number: The "Card Number" you entered may be incorrect. Please check the "card number" and try again. The card may not be valid. Please use another credit card or contact the credit card company directly.

About the validity period: The "Expiration Date" entered may be incorrect. Please check the expiration date and try again.

About transaction failure: Please use a different credit card or contact the credit card company directly and try the purchase again.

Other errors: There was an error verifying your credit card information. Please contact the credit card company directly for details such as the cause of the error.

Caution: A record of unsuccessfully paid orders remains in the shopping cart. Once you have determined the cause of the error, click the "Pay Again" button to continue your purchase.